Spicy Moroccan Couscous Chickpea Salad

This delightful vegan salad is packed with flavor including seasoned chickpeas, red peppers, olives, and couscous with an easy lemon harissa dressing. 

Ingredients: chickpeas zucchini red onions red pepper olives lemon juice white wine harissa powder cumin paprika maple syrup mint leaves couscous

Add boiling water and lemon juice to couscous. Cover and soak. 

Toast chickpeas with cumin, salt, and paprika. 

Remove the chickpeas and deglaze the pan with white wine or veggie broth. 

Cook zucchini, onion, and red pepper. 

Add green olives. 

Add lemon juice, harissa powder, and maple syrup. 

Fluff couscous and stir in fresh  mint. 

Salad's on!

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