Air Fryer

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Delightfully spiced salt and pepper tofu

Make this oil-free recipe in the air fryer and you're done in 40 minutes or less. 

Ingredients ~ Tofu ~ Lemon Juice ~ Soy Sauce ~ Cornstarch ~ Salt ~ Sugar ~ White Pepper ~ 5-Spice Powder ~ Ground Ginger ~ Green Onions ~ Red Chili ~ Garlic

Press a block of tofu.

Make the salt and pepper spice mix. 

Cube tofu and toss with lemon juice, soy sauce, spice mix and cornstarch. 

Add tofu to preheated air fryer. 

Dry fry green onions, chili, and garlic. 

Fry tofu until firm and brown (10-12 minutes). 

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